In her mid-50s and newly liberated after ending her 25-marriage to a controlling husband, Linda rebuilds her life one step at a time as she re-discovers her love of hiking in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

But when her ex-husband is arrested for unspeakable crimes, she must cope with the guilt, shame and sadness that comes from having a link to someone so infamous.

In Live Free and Hike: Finding Grace on 48 Summits, Magoon shares how hiking the high peaks helped in her transition from a place of pain to one of healing, resilience, and grace, one mountain summit at a time.

Book Foreword by Emily Clement

Linda showed up at my first coaching workshop filled with anxiety. She had reached out several times leading up to the event and was absolutely paralyzed by her newfound and unfamiliar freedom. There was guilt about wanting more for herself and fear she wasn’t worthy. That said, when it was her turn to introduce herself, she leaned on her sparkling wit and charm. “I’m Linda and I thought this was a wine and cheese party.”

Everyone laughed. She’s good like that.

Earning “the patch” is a real thing in New Hampshire. Many of us have been chipping away for years, waiting for the weather to be favorable and the route to be convenient. Linda approached her dream with intention and certainty. Vacillating, and ultimately transforming, from victim to victor happened in real time on the trails.

Northern New Englanders are gritty. Our stick-to-itiveness is a blessing and a curse. As you’ll read, it kept Linda working tirelessly to maintain superficial peace in an unhealthy marriage, as well as completing the sweet accomplishment of hiking New Hampshire’s 48 4,000’ peaks.

Linda’s transformation didn’t happen one mountain at a time. That’s too romantic for this story of deep fear, unexpected loss, and blindsiding grief. Her healing has been a long, slow journey that happened one small step at a time. She’s on the other side now, sharing her story, not from the wound but from the scar.

Grab yourself a fist full of granola and a box of tissues. Onward and upward!